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Making the Invisible Visible

borne out of desire

This collection of poems, each accompanied by a unique visual designed to magnify the depth of meaning of its subject matter, is borne out of the desire to unburden myself of the despair, sadness and anger that was clawing away at my inside after having the time, afforded by the worldwide movement restrictions, to fully digest and reflect on the callous and inhumane treatment of Blacks at the hands of those charged to serve and protect regardless of ethnicity.


These poems were solely meant for my cathartic release but I am now thankful that in sharing, they have resonated with so many of you. If that simple act of sharing leads to a reader shedding the cloak of silence or unwitting indifference and having an opinion which leads to life

changing action then, I have not enough words to express my deepest gratitude. This time is already proving to be different. We are in a race where we can now see the finish line. I am hoping that together we can make this an uprising.


Clive Anderson is part of a large family with its roots planted in Chateau District, Clarendon, Jamaica. He grew up in Jamestown-Rexdale, North Etobicoke and Jane-Finch, North York.


After completing high school at West Humber Collegiate, Clive went on to Acadia University, Wolfvillle, Nova Scotia and Université d’Aix-en-Provence, France from which combined he earned his first degree in French Literature. He also earned minors in Political Science and Spanish from Acadia.


On graduation he was the winner of several academic awards including being named the Acadia Associated Alumni Student of the Year. Clive then went on to earn his second degree in Law from Osgoode Hall Law School at York University.

His desire to learn and his unquenchable thirst to experience lives and cultures unimagined as a child, has taken him to destinations around the world. Clive currently works for AIA Group as one of their Regional General Counsels and is based in Singapore where he lives with his wife, Athline, while their boys, Cameron and Ethan live in Toronto.

Margin (Art & Media) BV have recently released the following video as a teaser for the Radicalism of Poetry category at next year's Sundance Film Festival.


I am humbled to have been asked to present a selection of my poems in that category.


Clive has eloquently shared his thoughts and feelings and courageously put them on poetic display, allowing him to connect with friends and family elsewhere and to inspire more broadly conversations everywhere. His clear voice and poignant words speak to the history of oppression shared by the African diaspora. These poems will resonate with many readers who will repeatedly shout, “Yes!” as they see their own sadness, anguish, fear, frustration and anger being unequivocally acknowledged and validated. In contrast, many readers might also be taken aback while experiencing such feelings because they will have only just now, for the first time, caught a glimpse of what it is like for their friends, colleagues and perhaps family members to live as “othered” in society.

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