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Making the Invisible Visible

clive vincent anderson

Within his collection of writings, Clive Anderson weaves in both historic and contemporary references to anti-Black racism, masterfully linking the historic culture of racism with the very personal, individual lived experiences of racially marginalized people today.

At times his words are harsh, “With their kind of justice, you got no right to be” (in Free) and “And guns a blazing, no questions asked” (in See Me) but discrimination is always violent and brutally harsh. With recognition that systemic racism is rooted in fear and designed to keep power with ‘some’ and away from ‘others’, Clive writes hopefully, “…looking for a future where that’s all untrained” (in Survival).

A walk with friends is meaningful and I am thankful that in sharing this journey with you, the few poems that I have posted have resonated with so many in such a positive way. As a result, I have created an eBook to showcase more of these poems, with each to be accompanied by a visual designed to amplify the meaning of its subject matter.


Since this outpouring of expression, I have been reflecting on how to tie passion to purpose and as a result, I have decided to set up a scholarship at Acadia University (Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada) focused on increasing access to postsecondary education for Black students. Additionally, I would like to provide funding to support other community initiatives (Free For All Foundation, Brampton, Ontario, Canada and Frontlines, Toronto, Ontario, Canada) where we are able to see the direct impact of contributions made.


I have always believed in the power of education as an advancement tool and that is no less true and important in the times in which we find ourselves.

Clive Vincent Anderson’s work is an invitation for everyone, especially non-Black and non-Indigenous people, to reflect on their own privilege and to actively contribute to this positive change in our culture.

~ Catherine E. Amara



Peace? No peace, pain

Not well with my soul

Tous les jours tous les jours, que la haine

Dispensable, irrelevant, taking its toll


But their towers are crumbling, no place to hide

Wishing they hadn’t snatched us from our mother’s hand

But then riches to be gotten...oceans of red, blood running, still not dried

How did we manage to survive, withstand?


It’s been a long road...stained, often dark and dreary

Only a little glimmer but I can see light ahead

These old legs are tired and weary

Yet here we are, He won’t see us go begging bread


Have we not earned the right to prosper in this strange land?

No matter, we will get that and even more

Until then, tired, weary, stained, just hold on to your brother’s hand! was never about evening the score


Yes...tired, weary, stained

Nevertheless we are...we stand!

This eBook is not available for sale. You will be able to access it freely here on this site. What I am, however, hoping for is that you would consider making a donation (no matter the amount) in support of any or all of the charities and initiatives I hope to support.

Once again, if you have enjoyed the work and would like to continue reading what has been created, you will have free access with no obligations whatsoever.


I hope that you continue to enjoy my writing and are moved to action in whatever way that motivation takes you. We all have our own unique platform and sphere of influence within which great things can happen once we become fully engaged and there is no time like the present to take that step. If so inclined, please come along with me in supporting this little mustard seed of an idea and let’s together see the fruits of our labour in those who become the beneficiary of our call to action.

Uprising Ebook
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